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[su_heading]All Sense[/su_heading]

At Quinta Essentia the focus is on customized client care with an emphasis on healing and has created an “All Sense” philosphy which it does all facilitation by. All Sense from the perspective that tailored care is needed in every circumstance with specialization to suit the clients needs and wellness goals. From structural evaluation to indepth client/practitioner interviews, a complete history of the client is taken into consideration preceding all treatments. Goals and treatment plans are often recommended in addition to assignment of personalized movement techniques designed to take to client out of discomfort and to prevent further injury. Quinta Essentia uses common sense at all times and utilizes techniques, methods, and modalities when appropriate! Not every circumstance requires deep work, and in fact less is more in most cases in resolving muscular issues! The field of Myomassology is the interplay between various forms of healing therapies with the goal of achieving the solution of mind and body problem or dis-ease. Whether someone is coming for chronic back pain, anxiety, fatigue syndromes or to maintain overall wellness, there is always room for health improvement.

Quinta Essentia also has another unique approach to client care that sets them apart from most in similar fields. By influencing ┬áthe peception of every one of the client’s five senses during the session, it may further enhance the clients ability to think creatively in their future tasks. The senses act like different languages that we can use to speak to our body’s systems. Modifying the environment using positive, high vibrational signatures, can influence the body and mind which can than quickly resonate to these frequencies. Influencing all of these senses at the same time have a truly positive affect. All Sense!


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